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This wonderful family adventure started in 1951 when Bud & Arlene McNeil purchased a small place on Look Road, where they grew their cow herd, real estate holdings, and family. The McNeil Ranch had many stories and memories built over the years until Bud passed in 1983. Arlene was fortunate to have the world’s best side kick, her daughter Gena McNeil. The two of them, with the help of friends along the way, continued their successful adventure. The McNeil family’s story carried on after Arlene’s passing as her daughter Gena McNeil continued the legacy that they had built over the years. With Gena’s heart for family, she offered her son Jimmy, & his wife Casi a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Watterson’s purchased what is now known as Double Rafter Livestock in 2015. So here we are by the grace of God 70 years later, pursuing what the McNeil’s had originally started growing our cow herd, real estate holdings, and family.



A Little More Info

In 2015 the Watterson’s re-joined the cattle world. While cattle wasn’t something that they were currently running, it was a thought that crossed Jimmy’s mind one day while driving past some useful but un-used land. This thought turned into many phone calls and before you know it, they had cattle all over the valley. In 2017, after the purchase of the ranch Jimmy grew up on, they were able go from running 150 head to around 450 head. After the purchase of the piece of land across from their ranch in 2020, they are now able to run over 650 head.
Along with their decision to run cattle in 2015, they also decided to fill theirs and some of their family’s freezers with a much healthier option than store bought beef. Through these years, word of mouth was bringing in more and more orders. While marketing their beef had not been on their radar, the pandemic of 2020 helped push the desire to get the word out there, and give their community and communities around them the opportunity to a healthier, tastier, and more cost effective option.